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The International Federation of Translators (FIT) is launching a poster competition to promote the International Translation Day (ITD), which is celebrated annually on 30 September.‎ The competition is open to professional designers from around the world, through FIT member associations, who are interested in submitting posters that promote ITD.‎


FIT's mission is to promote and be the voice of interpreters, translators and terminologists.‎ This competition is one means of accomplishing our mission.‎ The winning poster will be made freely available via the website and member associations and others can then print it out and use it for their ITD events.‎ The copyright will belong to FIT.‎


Any professional designer—whether related to FIT or not—may participate in the competition.‎


Entries must be submitted by 31 May 2018 to the FIT Secretariat (secretariat@fit-ift.org).
The FIT Council will vote on the best submission.‎ The winner will be notified directly, and the result published no later than 15 June 2018.‎


The motif must be linked to the ITD theme, Translation: promoting cultural heritage in changing times.‎

The ITD theme must be included, either in English and French, or with the option of combining one of the two FIT official languages with one or several local languages.‎

The FIT logo as well as a copyright indication must be included.‎ The FIT logo to be used for the poster can be downloaded below.‎

The poster must be submitted as a high-resolution pdf file that can be published online or printed, as well as in jpg format at 300 dpi and 100 dpi.‎ The dimensions must be suitable for printing in A2 or A3 format.‎

The poster must be localisable, i.e.‎ it must either include no text that requires translation or must have all fonts embedded in the file so that the text can be changed as required.‎ This is so that associations can produce the poster with a local language, if desired.‎

Designs must accommodate two languages.‎

Designs from preceding years can be found online at www.fit-ift.org.


Poster competition winner will receive the FIT ITD Prize, which will be a certificate and/or plaque.‎ The winner will be listed in the ITD section of the FIT website.‎

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